180 Degree Climate Circuit

climate change project 180 Grad in Luxembourg PHOTO

Walking through Luxembourg City last week, some big yellow stickers on the capital's pedestrian zone's floors made us curious. The first one we noticed said: "Luxembourg 2009; the richest countries in the world. — Luxembourg 2019; the eco-friendliest country in the world." Such a statement didn't leave us cold so we visited the project's web site at 180grad.lu.

Project 180 Grad ("Grad" meaning "degrees" in Luxembourgish and German) is about climate change. 20 people, randomly selected but on voluntary basis, represent Luxembourg's society and lend themselves to a human and intellectual experiment: Be trained, without taboo nor dogmatism, about climate change for 12 months. Half of the group takes part in a study trip to Greenland to see climate change happening under their eyes. The other half goes to Bangladesh to see the human, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change in a particularly vulnerable zone. On their return, they testify their experiences, addressing the "normal" people in a language which is far from the political discourses and the theoretical speeches of the specialists who deal with environment and development. The group also formulates concrete proposals to fight climate change and aims to get other people who live in Luxembourg to join the fight.

The slogan of Project 180 Grad is "Planet Earth out of order? Not with me! I commit to work towards a sustainable future." Huge yellow stickers in different languages around town form a "climate circuit" through the city centre that can be experiences throughout the summer. This urban outdoor installation aims to change people's point of views as each message has a response that can be read by doing a 180º rotation.

Apart from the installation and the study trips to different countries, meetings and round table discussions are organised in order for the "normal" citizen to come up with solutions against climate change. 180 Grad is an initiative by three Luxembourgish NGOs; Action Solidarité Tiers Monde, Caritas and Greenpeace. You can visit the 180 Grad blog (in German and French only), walk the climate circuit and see the photos of the climate circuit on Flickr. ::Project 180 Grad