1500 Posts: What I have Learned


It seems not that long ago that Warren and I both hit 500 posts on TreeHugger and I learned how in comparison to him, I was just a poseur. Now I have completed 1500 posts and I have learned so much more, primarily from you, dear reader. After writing about Big Ass Fans I learned that I am a prude. On Valentines Day I learned that "The source of global warming might be all the hot air coming from Lloyd Alter" and to my wife's chagrin, "Lloyd, you need to get laid". Just two days ago I learned that I was an "excitable, aging, metrosexual "architect"." My opinions on excessive exterior lighting have me pegged as either an eco-fascist or eco-commie, I am not certain which. I am also patronizing and colonial. We won't even start with the Maui Instant Cottage.

This gig is sometimes tough, and I have taken my share of abuse. Yet in a lot of ways the comments keep us going, and I think the favourable ones outnumber the nasty ones. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to read what I write, and look forward to writing 1500 more posts and learning yet more about myself.