11-Year-Old Writes iPhone App, Donates Proceeds to Charity

iSketch Screen Shot

An 11 year old boy--one who received medical care from UCLA's Medical Center and Orthopedic Hospital--has created an iPhone app benefiting children still under the facility's care.

Last year, Cameron had fallen ill and was unable to participate in his usual round of physical activities. While held up, he became overly interested in computer programming. He started reading anything he could get his hands on. He even took lessons from Stanford at Apple's iTunes U. Amazingly, he ended up teaching himself quite a few different programming languages. His studies eventually zeroed in on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. And after tinkering with a few different creations, he completed a painting/drawing program called iSketch. The app was approved by Apple back in December and is now for sale.

Stanford iTunes U

With all the lamenting tech bloggers have done over the app approval process, it's amusing how they just got pwned by an 11 year old boy. Even Google has had apps declined by Apple!

iSketch iTunes Page

According to the iTunes iSketch page, the software has the following features:

- Advanced RGB/HSV/HEX spectrum
- Quick selection color palettes
- Many brushes and brush sizes
- Easily add text to drawings
- Detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- Save drawings to your photo library
- Email drawings

But Cameron's care from the UCLA Medical team didn't go under-appreciated. He is donating a substantial portion of the app's proceeds to entertainment and electronic equipment for the Mattel Children's Hospital. It will allow pre-teens and teens to have age-appropriate options available to them during their hospital stay. Can you say Twilight?

Thanks, Cameron! Today I got my faith in humanity back. Just as a cruise ship from Royal Caribbean dropped tourists off only 60-miles from Haiti's earthquake-stricken capital, this kid came along and showed us how it's done.


The iSketch app sells for 99-cents in the iTunes App Store if you want to donate to the cause...or just draw something.

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Source: TechCrunch