100 Percent Solar Powered Music, Brought to You by Turtuga Blanku

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Caribbean musician Turtuga Blanku (it translates into "White Turtle") plays music powered by the sun. Literally. He records his blend of rock, reggae, and pop in a studio completely powered by photovoltaic cells, proving you can always count on finding solar power in strange places. Looks like Cloud Cult has got itself some competition for the title of greenest musical act out there. In fact, the entire production process for Blanku's tunes is solar-powered—not an easy feat, but for a musician this dedicated to environmentally conscious music, sacrifices must be made.The Solar Powered Music of the Green Machine
Blanku records in the Green Machine, a studio run only by solar power. It's got four pairs of solar panels on the roof that soak up sun during the day, and store them in a battery so the studio can operate by night. Blanku keeps the recording process simple to make it solar power friendly. He eschews an overload of instruments, and instead keeps it basic—using recording hardware only for drums, bass, guitar, piano and voice, and relying on software for the rest. That bare bones approach is increasingly rare in this age of digital studio experimenting, but Blanku turns the circumstances to his favor by focusing on well-developed guitar hooks and rhythms and lush piano melodies.

And the result is, well, sunny. The catchy, exuberant tunes sound bright and joyous—conjuring images of an ideal Caribbean summer spent soaking up the sun. Coincidence? I think not.

Check out the sun-drenched tunes for yourself on Turtuga Blanku's website.

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