10 Essential Tools to ReMake Trash Into Treasure

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This guest post was written by Tiffany Threadgould, author of the book ReMake It!, available now, from Sterling Publishing.

Have you ever used an empty glass jar as a drinking glass or turned an old tin can into a pencil holder? If the answer is yes, then you've already had fun ReMaking It!

Upcycling proves that one person's trash is truly another person's treasure waiting to happen and ReMake It! features dozens of great projects using the stuff you usually scrap. Getting started is simple, but these few important tools will make the process even easier.

10. Markers

Markers are great for decorating and personalizing a project. You can turn a soda bottle into a toothbrush holder (project 37) colored in the same colors as your bathroom, or a cereal box and some magazine pages into a game of travel bingo (project 16).

9. Ribbon

Ribbon is the perfect decorative element to add some color to any scrap. Tie it onto a yogurt tub luggage tag (project 33), or tie it to the top of the CD trinket box (project 42).

8. Binder Clips

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These are great tools for holding things together while you're working on them. Whether it's a greeting card ornament (project 21), or the wrapping paper basket (project 17).

7. Glue Stick

A glue stick is an easy way to get your projects to stick together. It's great for sticking time-telling numbers onto a vinyl record clock (project 45) and letters onto a magnetic tic tac toe board (project 72).

6. Velcro® Tabs

These are a great way to connect and seal projects like a collapsible dish made out of food wrapper (project 25) or a wallet made out of drink pouches (project 27).

5. Hole Punch

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Photo credit: stevendepolo/Creative Commons

So useful in many ways. Like creating a handle in a newspaper gift bag (project 4), or making an empty tissue box into a hanging picture frame (project 15).

4. Ruler

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Photo credit: Sterlic/Creative Commons

I took a lot of time measuring when I was making projects for this book. A ruler is a must-have for ReMaking a lot of the projects.

3. Clear Shiny Tape

I like using tape a lot more than messy glues. It's instant satisfaction. The clear, shiny kind of tape blends in to most materials like turning a bag of chips into a wallet (project 26) and turning glossy magazine pages into greeting cards (project 6).

2. A good pair of Scissors

Scissors are essential for cutting into anything. Whether turning a pair of old cargo pants into a yoga mat bag (project 59), a soda bottle into a soap dish (project 36), a cardboard box into a desk (project 19), scissors get the job done.

1. ReMake It! the Book

ReMake It! is loaded with nearly 100 DIY recycling projects from the stuff you usually scrap. This book is to be used as an encyclopedia of projects anyone can make out of all types of common discards.

Grab your tools, pick our your favorite projects, and go ahead—get ready to ReMake It!

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10 Essential Tools to ReMake Trash Into Treasure
Have you ever used an empty glass jar as a drinking glass or turned an old tin

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