10 College Students Making Green Headlines

6. & 7. Erica Stout and Andrew Nazdin

Photo via UMD for Clean Energy

As members of the Sierra Student Coalition, a campus group affiliated with the similarly-named national conservation organization, Erica Stout and Andrew Nazdin had their eyes on the same prize: reducing emissions on their individual college campuses (for Stout, that meant Towson University in Baltimore; for Nazdin, the College Park branch of the University of Maryland). But after teaming up, they hit an even bigger goal: They collected more than 12,000 signatures, planned multiple environmental events, and convinced 13 schools that are part of the University of Maryland to promise zero emissions.

8. Hannah Riches

Photo via The New School The New School student Hannah Riches knows that part of a successful campaign for, well, anything, is coming up with a catchy slogan--which might be why her green initiative, "I (heart) slutty paper," has become such a popular example of green college activism. As part of a class assignment, Riches developed a proposal for the National Wildlife FederationCampus Ecology Program, and her idea--that all the campus computer labs and offices replace new, "virgin" paper with 100-percent recycled, "slutty" paper--won her a grant that she used to design a logo and spread the word throughout her school.

9. Williams College Thursday Night Group (Morgan Goodwin and Justin Bates, Founders)

Photo via Brittanica

You could single out Morgan Goodwin and Justin Bates for founding the Williams College Thursday Night Group in the fall of 2006, but they're not the only ones making a difference on campus: The group, which recently combined with the college's Greensense environmental group, has tackled everything from setting up a CFL lightbulb exchange and implementing recycling programs to overseeing the campus-wide "Do It in the Dark" competition, which pits residence halls against each other to see which can come up with the lowest energy bill by keeping its use of computers, lights, and other electronic gear to a minimum.

10. T. Hayden Barnes

Photo via Valdosta Daily Times

T. Hayden Barnes was a student at Valdosta State University in Georgia when the administration announced its plans to put up a $30 million parking garage on campus. Thinking that there were better, greener ways to use that money--by building up the student bus system, for one--Barnes posted flyers, wrote letters, and encouraged other students to write to school president Ron Zaccari to protest the garage. His efforts culminated in a collage posted to his personal Facebook page that included photos of Zaccari alongside images of "a parking deck, a bulldozer excavating trees, a flattened globe marked by a tire tread, automobile exhaust, a gas mask," and more. Zaccari took the artwork personally and had Barnes expelled for being a "clear and present danger to the campus."

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