10 Best Movie Scenes Where Bikes Steal the Show (Slideshow)

E.T. Moon Bike Riding Scene Photo

The iconic E.T. ending scene. Image: Wikimedia.

Last night, living rooms across the country tuned into the 83rd Academy Awards, and green wasn't excluded from the red carpet, with stars everywhere contributing to green causes and environmental documentaries "Gas Land" and "Wasteland" -- even if they were passed over for "Inside Job" in their category.

Since movies are pretty much the theme of the day, we decide to look at how the film industry has treated our beloved bikes.

From E.T. riding over the moon to Butch Cassidy biking among cows and chicks, BMX mania and 'sweet jumps' with Napoleon Dynamite, bicycles really steal the show in these 10 critically-acclaimed movies. Perhaps enough to make you want to jump off your seat and get riding?

10 Best Movie Scenes Where Bikes Steal the Show Slideshow

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