1 Minute to Save the World, an International Short Film Competition on Climate Change

1 minute to save the world IMAGE

Watch this, it only takes 1 minute! You can say a lot in 1 minute, and hopefully save the world while you’re at it. 1minutetosavetheworld.com is an international short film competition on climate change. Watch, submit and vote until October 5th 2009. The campaign wants you to get creative to combat climate change and in return makes sure people see it (plus you can win a cash prize of £1000). The project’s partners; Greenpeace, Unite for Climate, World Development Movement, nef (new economics foundation), Stop Climate Chaos Coallition, and other climate supporters will be sending the winning films around the globe in a worldwide campaign in November to raise public and political support for the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

These stories of climate change share perspectives and creative responses to help us all understand, adapt and take action in response to a rapidly changing world. One of our favourites is Drying for Freedom, which is all about community, freedom and clotheslines. Also be sure to watch Granny Wrap by Green Thing, to understand why you should really buy an old thing. Now it's your turn, dedicate 1 minute to save the world! Thanks Nathan L. for the tip! ::1 Minute to Save the World