$1 Million, 8 Cities, Thousands of Trees: Root for NYC (or your own city if you must !-)

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Please pardon my tribalism, but we hope you'll help bring trees to New York City's streets. Alternately, if you must integrate your own inner tribesperson while taking action as a change agent, please help bring some trees to your own city's urban forest. Act quickly, though, as you have only 15 days left. Eight cities across the U.S. (listed below) are competing for the largest share of a 1 million-dollar tree-planting grant from American Express. The city with the greatest number of American Express Card transactions will get the most green. TreeHugger is not suggesting to purchase things you don't need or junk that will shortly wind up landfilled. However, if you happen to find yourself shopping for some necessary merch, look for the ROOT FOR NYC (or ROOT FOR YOUR OWN CITY *eyeroll* whatever) tree icon displayed at participating businesses until October 31, 2008, then pay with any American Express Card. Can you guess which city is in the lead right now?Additionally, electronic transactions may cut down of some waste (please tell the cashier you don't need any paper receipt with your purchase), but all of us in our personal lives need to practice living sustainably by living within our means and resources. In terms of keeping ourselves out of environmental debt, it means only using our share of resources that get replenished or re-purposed as part of a healthy lifecycle. In terms of personal deficit spend, living la vida susty means paying off credit card bills at the end of each month. For our kids, it means eliminating Nature Deficit Disorder by getting 'em outside.

Ergo, look for the tree icon displayed at participating businesses in your city or search your local directory. Hundreds of merchants in your community are participating. The Root for Your City website also ranks each city, which brings us to the answer of the question of which city is in the lead. Drat! Hello, New Yorkers, let's get it together people....

1. Los Angeles
2. Atlanta
3. San Francisco
4. Chicago
5. Washington, DC
6. Miami
7. New York City
8. Boston

.: Root For Our City :.

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via: Susty.tv

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