Crocheted Bike Makes Quite the Cycling Fashion Statement

bike with crochet cover leans against stair railing on city street

Migrated Image / Lydia Romero

A friend of mine was walking down the street in Soho NYC today and spotted this bike. We've heard of some very creative yarn bombing, but this one takes the cake!

Someone pointed out that it looks like the work of Agata Olek, and judging by the pattern and colors, it really does look like it could be one of her pieces. She has some pretty amazing yarn-covered bikes to her name.

Olek's art certainly has a way to bring attention to bikes, and by extension, cycling culture in a city like NYC.

And if covering bikes with crocheted cozies weren't enough, she even yarn bombed the Charging Bull in downtown NYC! Now that softens up the cityscape.