20 Creepy-Cool Baby Names Inspired by Halloween

Bella or Edward? Casper or Buffy? There are lots of name to choose from for your Halloween baby. (Photo: cath5/Shutterstock)

As I approached the Oct. 30 due date of my first pregnancy, I got a lot of name suggestions that went along with the Halloween spirit. I had no idea so many sweet and spooky names could be inspired by the season of ghosts and ghouls.

Be it Igor or Elvira, the Halloween season really does have some fun-tastic names to choose from. Whether or not you have a Halloween baby on the way, consider drawing some inspiration from these creepy-cool baby names:

For the girls

  • Bella — Short for Isabella, this name is a hit with "Twilight" fans from both Team Edward and Team Jacob.
  • Blair — "Blair Witch Project," anyone?
  • Buffy — Not a fan of vampires? Maybe you prefer the name of everyone's favorite vampire slayer.
  • Carrie — Stephen King fans will remember this shy character from his early book of the same name. One warning: If you give your daughter this name, do not make her angry!
  • Elvira — The mistress of the night has inspired many a baby name.
  • Esme — This name, which means "to love," was the perfect name for the Cullen matriarch.
  • Luna — Or "moon," is a great name for babies born during a full moon or parents who just loved that quirky wizard from Harry Potter.
  • Morticia — Before there was Esme, Morticia was the the monster mom everyone wanted to know.
  • Raven — Love the color black? Or the Baltimore football team? Or maybe you're a fan of that classic Edgar Allan Poe poem. In any case, this name fits the bill.
  • Sabrina — If you give your daughter this name, keep your fingers crossed she doesn't become a teenage witch.

For the boys

  • Casper — What could be cuter than the world's friendliest ghost?
  • Cullen — Nowadays, this name brings to mind the world's favorite vampire family. But it's also a traditional Irish name that means "handsome."
  • Dexter — Love Michael C. Hall or his criminal TV persona? Give this Latin name (it means right-handed) a try.
  • Draco — The name means "dragon," but most people just think of that sneering wizard from Harry Potter.
  • Edward — Vampire lovers have brought this name (which means "guardian") to the top of the charts.
  • Ichabod — You can't get more Halloweeny than naming your son after this classic "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" character.
  • Igor — Got an evil scientist in the making? This might be the perfect name for him.
  • Jack — As in jack-o'-lantern. The perfect mix of classic and Halloween.
  • Jasper — Yet another "Twilight"-inspired baby name.
  • Poe — As in the dark poet, Edgar Allan Poe.