Creative Ways to Use Up Leftover Prosecco

You have about three days to drink an open bottle of Prosecco. After that, you'll need to get creative. (Photo: Yulia Grigoryeva/Shutterstock)

Right now, there are many partially finished bottles of Prosecco languishing in refrigerators, leftovers from New Year's Eve. (Well, not in my fridge, but in some fridges around the world.) And those bottles are very close to their drinkable expiration date. An open bottle of Prosecco has about three days before its quality begins to diminish to the point where it's not enjoyable to drink.

Fortunately, there are some culinary uses for Prosecco, so you don't have to waste the goodness in the bottle if you've missed the drinkability window. Try using leftover Prosecco in one of these five recipes. The recipes will also work with leftover Champagne, cava or any other sparkling wine.

1. Prosecco Butter Sauce: A delicate sauce of sparkling wine, butter and shallots to pour over seafood or vegetables.

cheese spread
Leftover Prosecco helps to make a creamy spread out of leftover cheese. (Photo: hlphoto/Shutterstock)

2. Fromage Fort: This recipe will use up your leftover Prosecco (or any other white wine), plus any leftover odds and ends cheese you have from the holiday season. A pound of assorted cheese is processed together with the leftover bubbly, butter and garlic. If your resulting cheese spread isn't very creamy, add a little more Prosecco until the texture is spreadable.

3. Prosecco-Braised Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Leeks: Prosecco deglazes the pan after the chicken is seared and it adds flavor to the sauce in this quick chicken dish from Rachael Ray.

Risotto becomes extra special when made with Prosecco. (Photo: mmkarabella/Shutterstock)

4. Prosecco and Parmesan Risotto: This recipe uses a pressure cooker to make creamy risotto. If you received an Instant Pot over the holidays, it may be the perfect recipe for its inaugural use.

5. Ravioli with Prosecco Cream Sauce: Store-bought ravioli goes upscale with the addition of a rich sauce made from heavy cream, Prosecco and just a hint of tomato. With this recipe, dinner is ready in about 20 minutes.