7 Creative Uses for Dryer Lint

Photo: außerirdische sind gesund/flickr.

If you use a dryer, then you know that dryer lint is never in short supply. Instead of tossing that fluff into the trash, here are some innovative ways you can put it to good use in your home, your yard or your next outdoor adventure.

Fire starter

There’s a reason dryer lint is responsible for 2,900 fires in the U.S. each year: It’s incredibly flammable. Start collecting lint to use as a fire starter on your next camping trip. You can even create a fire-starting block by mixing lint with melted wax from candle stubs and pouring it into an empty cardboard egg carton.

Pet bedding

If you have small mammals like mice, hamsters or guinea pigs, add lint to the cage for nesting purposes.


If you use a cage heater, don’t use lint for pet bedding as it is a fire hazard.

Use it as mulch

Apply dryer lint to indoor or outdoor plants to help them stay warm in winter months and retain water. Over time, the lint will break down in the soil.

Soak up messes

If you spill motor oil or other liquids in the driveway, grab a handful of lint to sop up the mess.

Get crafty

Use leftover lint as stuffing for pillows or quilts, or use it to make paper or mix up some clay.

Instant packing material

Need to mail something fragile? Dryer lint makes a great cushion.


You can always toss that lint into the compost pile, but be wary of doing this too often if you use dryer sheets — they may add unwanted chemicals to your compost.

What other ways have you found to repurpose dryer lint? Let us know in the comments.