10 Halloween Costumes Made of Cardboard

Cute child with jet pack
pinstock / Getty Images

Instead of purchasing a costume that you’ll just use once and toss this Halloween, recycle a piece of cardboard and make a costume for a fraction of the price. Here are 10 crafty costume ideas that are kid- and Earth-approved.

Butterfly Wings

butterfly Halloween costume
butterfly Halloween costume. MerMag

Here's a great idea from MerMag. Cut a butterfly shape from cardboard. Then simply paint white shapes on it for a clean modern look. Attach the wings to your child using elastic strips from the craft/fabric store.


shark Halloween costume
shark Halloween costume. Hello Wonderful

Other kids are going to be scared to get into the water with this great white circling about. With this costume, created by Hello Wonderful, you won’t have to fish for compliments; they'll be swimming right to you.

Paper Doll

paper doll Halloween costume
paper doll Halloween costume. Classic Play

To create this fun idea from Classic Play, start by cutting a dress shape out of cardboard. Then wrap a ribbon around the neck and waist like an apron. Decorate the dress as glamorous or sweet as you’d like.


Cardboard knight
Warren King/My Modern Met

Be brave, honest and fair when making this knight costume from My Modern Met. Your kid will definitely be the hit of the kingdom with this helmet and shield.

Pink Airplane

pink airplane costume
pink airplane costume. Wills Casa

Your child will be flying high (not just from the sugar) with this airplane costume from Wills Casa. The centerpiece is a box and more cardboard is attached to create the wings and propeller.


Frankenstein Halloween costume
Frankenstein Halloween costume. Scholastic

Go classic with this costume designed by Scholastic. Use old tissue boxes as shoe covers and a box with toilet paper rolls for the head.

Ballerina Robot

ballerina robot costume
ballerina robot costume. Pink Sugar Photography

Made by Pink Sugar Photography, this is one of the cutest little robots we’ve ever seen. Use dryer vents for the arms and legs, tissue boxes for the shoe covers and adorn with a tutu and a heart. Expect “oohs and ahhs” all along the trick-or-treat route.


pirate Halloween costume
pirate Halloween costume. Alex and Alexa

It’s a pirate’s life, all right, with this adorable cardboard pirate hat, created by Alex and Alexa. Pair it with a red-and-black striped shirt and black pants from your closet and the costume is done.


purse costume
purse costume. Craft and Couture

Using a cardboard box as a base and pleather fabric to cover it. You can make this chic costume from Craft and Couture for your little fashionista.