Craft 2.0 Table by Renier Winkelaar Turns Our Crank

©. Studio Renier Winkelaar via Mocoloco

We go on about how one should buy things that are made to last, that it is better for the environment and cheaper in the long run. Designer Renier Winkelaar thinks so too, and tells Harry at Mocoloco about his new Craft 2.0 table:

“Often I hear people of a certain generation say, ‘back in the days all furniture used to be better, you bought it for the life after you’ve got married’. At the present time, you can find many furniture manufactured in bulk, furniture that is perfected in terms of price/quality due to modern manufacturing processes. This furniture is designed and produced to go along a style period and then to be replaced.

Winkelaar designed this table to last, and to change. He uses the techniques found in old dutch windmills, adjusting it with wooden gears and " pen and hole connections". There are no screws, just traditional wood connections. It certainly turns my crank. More at Renier Winkelaar

CRAFT 2.0 by studio renier winkelaar from studio renier winkelaar on Vimeo.