'Cove' Director's Next Eco-Doc '6' to Premiere at Tribeca

Louie Psihoyos (keft) and activist Richard O'Barry at the Attenborough Award for 'The Cove' during the 25th Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Feb. 10, 2010, in Santa Barbara, California. (Photo: aspen rock/Shutterstock)

Since he and his "Oceans 11"-esque team of filmmakers first pulled back the curtain on Japan's dolphin slaughter in the Oscar-winning "The Cove," we've been eagerly awaiting director Louie Psihoyos' next thrilling documentary. Next month at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, we'll finally get our opportunity.

Officially titled "6," the film's synopsis is vague on details, but promises to change the way we "understand issues of endangered species and mass extinction." Before you yawn at such a general statement, know that Psihoyos understands completely - and has once again pursued crafting a film that is as edge-of-your-seat enjoyable as it is informing.

"We’re not making a film about mass-extinction, we’re making a film about an unlikely team of activists coming together to prevent a mass-extinction," he told Ecorazzi in January. "I tell people our next film is like The Avengers, but it’s real. It’s really a buddy film, but like The Cove it’s an eco-thriller.

"I’m intimately aware that on Friday night at the cinema our audience has been working all week, they are going to spend a hundred dollars or more on dinner and a movie and at the end of the night a woman wants to see a film that will make her feel and a guy wants an adrenaline rush, an action movie, and to maybe get lucky. We’re going to give people happy tears and yet everyone will be on the edge of their seats. I still can’t believe we’re doing what we’re doing. The last four years we’ve been creating a film that I want people to throw down their hard earned money and feel it’s the best money that they ever spent."

Despite its premiere being just over a month away, Psihoyos and his crew are still filming footage. Professional race car driver and animal activist Leilani Munter, who is currently fundraising with Psihoyos' Oceanic Preservation Society for a "Blackfish"-themed car, recently tweeted that she's currently shooting for "6" in California.

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival runs from April 16-27.