Cousins River Residence by GO Logic Is Smaller and Simpler

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There is something about the work of Maine’s GO Logic. They design and also build prefabs, Passivhaus and sometimes even prefab passivhaus. But most importantly, their designs are so simple and elegant. As I have noted about their other projects: “it is often harder for an architect to make a simple design look beautiful; they have to rely on proportion and scale. It takes skill and a good eye.”

Cousins River House end view

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Their latest, the Cousins River Residence, is another example of this. The 1600 square foot house is built from a modified stock plan, and designed to Passivhaus standards, which severely limit the amount of energy that can be consumed and the amount of air leakage permitted. Some of the specs:

  • Super insulated foundation (R35), wall (R50), and roof (R80) systems
  • High performance triple pane German windows (R8) with 50% solar heat gain
  • Heat recovery ventilation system with 88% efficiency
  • Airtight building shell with 0.5 air changes per hour (at 50 Pa)
cousins river house living room

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The architects write: “The Cousins River Residence demonstrates that high performance homes can take on a new form, embracing a contemporary aesthetic in a traditional New England landscape.”

In Dezeen, they note also that this is a house the owners hope to stay in for a long time:

Cousins river porch

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The team designed the building to incorporate "ageing-in-place" – a series of criteria that aim to make residents feel comfortable and safe, regardless of age, income or ability level. This resulted in the addition of a wooden deck, a screened-in porch and a covered walkway on the same level as the house. "This approach fosters fluidity between spaces, allowing freedom of movement from interior to exterior," said the firm.

angled view

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There are those who complain that Passivhaus designers are more concerned about spreadsheets and data than they are about design and beauty. Just about every GO Logic project I have seen has demonstrated that there is no reason that you cannot have both.

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cousins river kitchen

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