An Abundance of Houseplants Enlivens This Vibrant Tiny Home

Houseplants can make a huge difference in any living space – including tiny ones.

tiny house with houseplants interior

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It's been said that placing some houseplants in one's living space can completely change the atmosphere – literally. Not only can houseplants reportedly clean the air and potentially boost healing, they can also change the feel and look of a space. That's especially true for smaller living spaces, such as those found in tiny houses. While it's often advised to minimize the amount of "stuff" in a micro-sized home in order to reduce clutter, one could make an exception for the uplifting effect of houseplants.

One couple certainly seems to have gotten the memo. In this inspiring video tour of their 25-foot-long tiny home, Grace and Ryan show how adding some houseplants in strategic areas can actually make a home – even one that's not all that big – come alive. In addition, we get a peek at some of the useful small space design ideas that have been incorporated in their lovely home. Let's watch the tour, courtesy of Exploring Alternatives:

Grace, who is a health and minimalism coach, has been living in this tiny house with her fiancé Ryan, a personal trainer, for about a year. Measuring 276 square feet, the house was constructed by Escape Traveler, a tiny house builder based out of Rice Lake, Wisconsin (covered here previously). As Grace explains:

"Living in a tiny house is a good option for us because it really allows us to live minimally, which is something we really value, as well as living in a house and space that's very functional. We use every space, and that really allows us to spend more time on experiences, rather than physical items."

The exterior features a simple form, clad with cedar siding and topped with a shed-style roof. There's a large main window, plus windows on all sides, as well as a glazed entry door.

tiny house with houseplants exterior
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Once inside, we come into the kitchen area, which has a big sink for washing dishes, a compact three-burner propane stovetop with a folding glass top, oven, and an apartment-sized refrigerator and freezer. There's also overhead shelving here for storing cups and dry food, and we love how the LED lighting has been integrated into this shelf, creating a more intimate but well-lit space. Completing the space are a bunch of houseplants that have their tendrils hanging down, creating a green and cheery atmosphere.

tiny house with houseplants kitchen
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There's a pegboard nearby to hang pots, pans, and utensils. Right underneath that, the couple has added a fold-down table that acts as an extra surface for preparing food and drying dishes.

tiny house with houseplants kitchen pegboard
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Past that, we have the dining counter that sits in front of the huge main window; it's a naturally sunny spot for eating or for working.

tiny house with houseplants counter
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Further in is the living room area, which feels quite cozy but well-lit, thanks to the presence of windows on two sides. There's also a desk here, where the couple have their computer workspace.

tiny house with houseplants living room
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There is a full flight of stairs here, equipped with a sturdy handrail. Underneath the stairs, we have a small closet, storage drawers, and a 43-gallon onboard water tank. While the house is plugged into a source of electrical power, the couple do have to refill their water tank whenever it's empty, so they are quite careful with their water consumption.

tiny house with houseplants stairs
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Upstairs, the sleeping loft feels quite spacious, thanks to the wide band of windows all around.

tiny house with houseplants bedroom
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There's shelving here to hold the recycled milk crates that the couple uses to store the majority of their clothes – but true to the minimalist ethos, there aren't too many clothes to tuck away. Once again, we've got plenty of houseplants here, with their runners cascading down, creating a vibrant ambiance.

tiny house with houseplants bedroom shelf
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On the other side of the house is the secondary loft, where the couple has their container mushroom farm, and where they store their winter clothes and their dog's extra food.

tiny house with houseplants secondary loft
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Last but not least, we've got the bathroom underneath the loft. Behind its glazed door, there's a shower, tiny sink, a Separett composting toilet, and some storage cabinets overhead.

tiny house with houseplants bathroom sink
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It's a truly charming home, and demonstrates well the power of plants in enlivening a small space and transforming it into a place where one can feel comfortable and more deeply connected. To see more, visit Grace on her blog and Instagram, and Ryan's Instagram.