6 Cosmetics Companies With Refillable Packaging

Eye shadow and blush in a bamboo makeup palette

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These makeup brands have cleaned up their packaging along with their ingredient lists.

It's easier than ever to find makeup made with safe, non-toxic ingredients -- but it's much harder to find those 'clean' brands offered in eco-friendly packaging. Plastics continue to dominate the cosmetics industry, despite a few innovators showing that it's not necessary. The following list features brands that have, mercifully, taken their packaging into consideration, as well as their ingredients.

1. Ecco Bella

An Asian woman with bangs and long hair applies eyeshadow in the mirror.

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This American makeup company sells its powdered eye shadows, face powder, and eye liner refills in paper packages. Purchase a magnetic compact separately, and you’ll be able to mix and match colors as you wish.

2. Elate Cosmetics

A brunette in a loft applying make up at a table in the mirror.

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Green cosmetics companies appear to be moving in the same direction – reusable, refillable palettes or compacts that hold colors in place with magnets. This reduces the amount of packaging and makes it easier to switch out colors. Elate is a Canadian company with beautiful bamboo palettes in several sizes. Products are shipped in an envelope made of seed paper that can be planted.

3. Kjaer Weis

A blonde woman applies eyeshadow in a pink tiled bathroom.

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All compacts made by this Danish makeup company are refillable. Compacts come with a chosen color, and you can purchase subsequent refills in compostable paper envelopes. Unlike many brands that offer limited refills, Kjaer Weis has dozens.

4. Zao Organic Makeup

Cream in sustainable bamboo packaging on a white surface with dried flowers.

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Bamboo is the backbone of Zao’s products. All packaging is made from bamboo, and the cosmetics themselves incorporate oils, leaves, and powders. Refills are available for the majority of products, fitting into magnetized palettes.

5. Pure Anada

A white woman applies blush in the bathroom mirror.

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This Canadian company has an active Etsy store with a 5-star rating from thousands of customers. It sells a magnetic compact in two sizes and a wide range of eye shadows, pressed foundation powders, and blushes in paper envelopes as refills.