ZURBwired. A 24 Hour Design Marathon for One Lucky Non-Profit

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Do you work for a not-for-profit organisation? One that could accomplish even more impressive results, if only more assistance were available for innovative marketing? Well, help might be at hand.

ZURB is a team of interaction designers and strategists that usually spent their days assisting companies design better. But with their ZURBwired project the team participate in a 24 design marathon, jump-starting a marketing initiative for one lucky non-profit enterprise. Previously the organisations, Second Harvest Food Bank and Pie Ranch, have been beneficiaries of this design and marketing largess. The caveats are that the not-for-profit needs to reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, send in an application to ZURB, and have their own team work in concert with the ZURB designers and strategists. If chosen as the lucky non-profit, they stand to finish the 24 straight hours (commencing 8 April 2010) with a new or revised website, posters, event invites or whatever designed materials best compliment their project, with their only cost being time.

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Dmitry Dragilev, the Marketing Lead here at ZURB told us, "We've tried helping non-profits before, but they can be wildly inefficient and disorganized. ZURBwired enables us to create maximum impact with our valuable time," he said. "ZURBwired gives us an opportunity to give back to our community. We give taxes and money, but we've found there is no better way to help people solve problems than with our time."

ZURB figure were the non-profit comes out of the 24 hour ZURBwired design marathon with work worth well over $30K USD. As Dmitry sees it, "While there is a marketing twist to this event for the non-profit and ZURB, it's grounded in solid ideas and practices."

Dmitry is convinced a not-for-profit organisation benefits from more than than just the design project. They also experience new cost effective ways to utilize their team members and volunteer talent, pick up on the power of using design thinking to accomplish goals, as well as learning to be more efficient and inspired about making business and marketing decisions in the future.

Non-profits can submit their applications between 4 to 18 March, but volunteers and business partners wanting to be involved can start contacting ZURB now.

ZURB's business clients have included the likes of Facebook, Yahoo, eBay,Photobucket, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Follow these links to get more information on the earlier recipients of ZURBwired: the Second Harvest Food Bank (the primary source of donated, surplus, and purchased food for nonprofit agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties), and Pie Ranch (hands-on farm and food education centre). And click to see what ZURBwired accomplished in the 24 hours for both Pie Ranch and Second Harvest Food Bank.

More details at ::ZURBwired
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