Zoo Explores Poop Power and Insulation to Cut Carbon

10:10 campaign paignton zoo photo

Image credit: 10:10 Campaign/Michele Turton

Paignton Zoo in the UK has already hit the headlines for exploring vertical farming to feed its animals. Now the zoo will be recycling the nutrients from that animal feed to power itself. That's right, Paignton zoo is seriously looking at getting into poop power. Elephant poop. And that's just one element of this innovative zoo's quest to slash its carbon emissions.According to The Guardian, the announcement that Paignton zoo will start generating power from biogas is part of a wider commitment to cut its emissions by 10% in 2010 as part of the astoundingly successful 10:10 Campaign which has seen the Conservative Party pledging 10% CO2 cuts across government, diplomats flying in economy class, and an almighty row over whether airports can really claim to cut carbon without cutting flights.

But let's get back to the elephant poop for a minute. The plan is to build a biogas digestor to produce power from animal waste, and it could be a significant contribution—the zoo's two elephants alone can produce 2 tonnes of poop a week! But poop power is just one part of the puzzle. The zoo is also investing in 'voltage optimization' to prevent electricity waste, and its sister zoo in Newquay is insulating all of its old buildings.

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