Zerofootprint Offers Earth Day Carbon Calculator


Zerofootprint’s Earth Day Carbon Calculator offers a means to honour the day by measuring your personal impact on the earth. Check it out here:This particular calculator does a quick calculation of your carbon emitting activities, and provides you with an estimate of your overall personal carbon footprint. Toggle with the answers to see how small changes can make a big difference to your footprint, then make pledges or learns tips to reduce. Keep in mind this only tracks you personal actions, and that in terms of a national average, industry and public services actually pull individual averages up quite a bit higher.

If this calculator is not detailed enough for you, go check out the personal carbon manager offered by Zerofootprint, which takes into account numerous other factors than are available on the shorter one. Alternatively, download the Carbon Calculator Facebook application and challenge some of your friends to measure their footprint.

Zerofootprint is a Canadian not-for- profit whose philosophy is that understanding how your personal actions contribute to climate change is an important first step taking positive steps towards a sustainable future for our planet.

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