zerofootprint, Eight Months Later


Eight months ago we looked at and were less than charitable to this startup. (We also interviewed its founder here) We looked at it again today and have to say that things have certainly changed. First of all, you can pronounce its name without an explanation because they have added the word zero, which pleases us greatly. More importantly, they have added content, lots of it. While the Green Products guide is big but not too different from others out there, the Green Events Guide is one of the most comprehensive we have seen anywhere. (hey, where are the greendrinks?) The Magazine, ZFP, has interesting content including a wonderful suggestion by founder Ron Dembo- "Make every home a generator (of renewable energy)". We should perhaps not have rushed to judgement -it still could use a bit more buzz and style but there is a lot of interesting stuff going on here. ::Zerofootprint