Zerocarbonista: Dale Vince of Ecotricity Launches New Blog


Dale Vince, founder of UK-based green energy company Ecotricity, was pretty opinionated when we interviewed him last year, and his promise of a revolutionary new domestic wind turbine certainly cought our attention. We're hoping that Mr Vince's entry into the increasingly crowded world of green blogs will prove equally note worthy, as this week saw the launch of Zerocarbonista, in which Dale promises to shed some light, or at least spark some debate, on some of the most important questions of our time:

"There are big questions out there - how will we keep the lights on, what kind of cars will we drive (will we drive?) and how will we feed ourselves — in a post oil world, and a world where we can't afford to keep burning things and throwing things away. I want to talk about this stuff, and hear other people's views. I want to discuss the next Industrial Revolution with you, and help bring it about."
With the blog only days old, topics already covered include why green energy prices rise at the same rate as 'brown' ones; why government renewables targets can't be trusted; and an account of how Dale met David Cameron, the leader of the conservative party (who recently made our pages over his disregard of traffic laws while cycling). Looks like we'll have some interesting reading on our hands if this little sample is anything to go by.

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