Zellers Green Retail Store A Canadian Prototype


Zellers is the Canadian retailer with hundreds of locations. Of course, everyone will say the opening of its new, green 120,000 square foot Waterdown Ontario Canada store exemplifies the 'Wal-Mart Effect.' But, it might have more to do with melting perma-frost as a strong motivator, being Zellars is owned by Hudson's Bay Company.

"The Waterdown Zellers store will be a 'proving' ground for eco-friendly initiatives that could be included in other Hbc stores in coming years," said Robert Johnston, President, Hbc. Measures Hbc implemented in the Waterdown location include:

Two windmills, which will generate enough electricity to power a house.
Solar panels, which will power recycling compactors and help light the store.
A white roof which reflects and disperses heat.
Waterless urinals and touchless faucets, which will reduce water use.
ERV - energy recovery ventilators, which will help control air quality for customers and reduce the store's demand for energy.
HVAC - heating, ventilating and air conditioning units, which use no ozone depleting refrigerants.
PRA - pressure relief assembly: to control air quality into the store.

Kitchen exhaust motion-sensor system that will reduce energy consumption used by ventilating fans.

Exclusive use of green products for cleaning the store.

Return programs for rechargeable batteries and cell phones.

A program to take back plastic shopping bags and to promote the use of reusable ones.

Exterior signage is LED illuminated.

State of the art InterfaceFLOR covering (carpet) which is carbon neutral, with 40 percent recycled content that can be fully reclaimed.

Via::CNW Group News Release,"Hbc unveils greenest Zellers ever"
Image credit::Wikipedia, Typical Zellars Store

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