Yug Gug Gug! - Popeye Clunks Climate Change.


Olive Oyl would be so proud! Popeye is back in action and he's on for "the mos' arful battle". His old foe Bluto has returned in the dastardly form of Climate Change, but Popeye is going to use his cans of 'New Green Energy' to fight his way out of this one! We're definitely going to enjoy this new tongue in cheek awareness raising campaign from UK renewable energy company Ecotricity.Tomorrow this new advertising campaign will launch on the back page of the Guardian newpaper. The MD of Ecotricity, Dale Vince, explains the idea behind using these well loved 1930s cartoon characters. "It's less of an advert really than a statement, something to get the attention of people, but with a serious message despite its non serious approach. We need to fight Climate Change as if it was a deadly enemy — because it's real. It's the biggest threat we face in the world today and I'm glad to say growing numbers of people are starting to recognise this." :: Ecotricity :: Guardian