You've Got To Be Kidding: Tugboat Collides With Oil Well In Louisiana


photo via AP

Just as BP is finally getting the Deepwater somewhat under control, a tugboat named the Pere Ana C. collided today with a well near a Louisiana marsh, causing oil to leak into the Gulf. The collision caused fire to shoot up into the air, and officials said it resulted in a mile-long oil slick. Spill czar Thad Allen said over 6,000 feet of boom have been placed around the site.The well is not out in the open Gulf. It's located inland, in waterways near the parishes of Plaquemines and Jefferson, 65 miles south of New Orleans.

Apparently, the tug boat captain told the Coast Guard that the well was not properly lit, but the accident happened at 11AM.

The HuffingtonPost has a great slideshow of the accident. Check it out.


photo via coast guard

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