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I was surprised when I logged in to check Youtube today here in Japan. Their front page had a distinct environmental theme, and many videos that would feel right at home on or treehugger.

Backed by a lot of good people, with NHK and the Youtube channels of United Nations University as well as and National Geographics, this is a media initiative that could reach the hearts and minds of lots of people.Did you know that the United Nation started the World Environment Day in 1972, at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in Sweden. This was actually suggested by Japan!

15 million users access YouTube each month in Japan. In order to help this community find videos to encourage them to think about environmental topics, YouTube is collaborating with some of its premium partners to create the Think Green channel. I wish other countries would do the same!

Programs available include documentaries and a large number of shows from NHK, Japans public broadcasting company. There are programs for children and magic shows, and serious discussion about current topics, how car companies are dealing with high gas prices and preparing for peak oil and climate change, or trying to reduce trash. Here is one example, from the UNU Channel:

The Japanese company Blest has developed one of the smallest and safest oil-to-plastic conversion machines out on the market today. It's founder and CEO, Akinori Ito is passionate about using this machine to change the way people around the world think about their plastic trash. From solving our landfill and garbage disposal issues to reducing our oil dependancy on the Middle East, his machine may one day be in every household across Japan.
While holding up a bag of trash, he states, "It's a waste to throw away, isn't it? This is a treasure."

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