YourAir: Protect Yourself and Your Lungs

Despite recent pushes for pseudo-solutions like "Clean coal", particulate pollution from transportation, agricultural and waste burning, and power generation continues to be a huge problem in the US, and abroad. While this is only a minor inconvenience for some of us, many city-dwellers suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions that make it quite dangerous. As with so many other things, new technology is offering a solution...Ever the enterprising techies, Londoners now have the capability to find out about outdoor air quality from their SMS enabled phones. Using the website, they can get real-time pollutant maps for particulate, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone pollution in the downtown London area. Phone users can subscribe for alerts on warning-level pollution. While it only covers a small portion of the city currently, plans are in place to expand to the rest of London and other parts of Britain. [Via Engadget] :: Your Air