Your Treat: Save Money by Slaying Energy Vampires

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Energy vampire. Image credit:PeopleJam

I'm not one to dress up for Halloween, but I like to find creative ways to get on board with the spooky spirit of the holiday. If you're an energy activist like me, I think you'll enjoy these ideas:

Energy Vampires
When you sleep, when you eat, while you're hard at work, vampires lurk in the depths of your home. From morning to night they are sucking you dry. It is called vampire power and to you it is wasted money. Energy vampires are the devices that use electricity even when they are turned off - like your home entertainment system, which can cost you up to $75 per year in vampire energy. Together energy vampires can account for up to 20 percent of your electric bill.

Give your neighbors a treat this Halloween and let them know they can improve their home's energy savings by identifying and unplugging energy vampires. Just download this PDF, print copies, and include them with the treats you hand out, or place them strategically (in the bathroom, maybe?) at any Halloween parties you choose to haunt.Spooky AND Green
The expert writers for the Sierra Club's Green Life blog spent this past week rounding up an assortment of tips for making Halloween a little lighter on the planet (and on your pocketbook) -- like how to get rid of those Energy Vampires for good. Our readers have also added some amazing tips of their own -- ideas we've never heard before! Whether it's decorating a plastic beach bucket to collect treats, fashioning gravestones for the lawn out of old cardboard boxes, or putting your outside Halloween lights on a timer, you'll get plenty of ideas from the Green Life.

Beat Back Oil and Coal Zombies
Here's a suggestion for those who take Halloween (and politics) a bit more seriously. Energy zombies from the last century are attempting to destroy progress toward our clean energy future by lobbying the Senate to weaken or even kill the Clean Energy Jobs bill. Instead of cleaning up their act, these polluters want to get rid of the tools that hold them accountable, like EPA's authority to regulate global warming emissions. It's time for the Senate to stand up and pass a bill that will move us forward toward a safer and more secure future.

Help beat back Big Oil and Coal zombies this Halloween -- trick-or-treat your Senator's office with a letter asking the Senate to defend and pass a strong Clean Energy Jobs Bill! We make it easy for you: click here for instructions on how to find the office, as well as fact sheets and talking points.

Have a fun Halloween!

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