"Your Money or Your Life" Author on Finance, Sustainability & Happiness (Video)

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From David Korten calling on us to "abolish the Wall Street mafia", via reflecting on an addiction to growth, through to living simply as an alternative American Dream, some of the best contributions from Peak Moment TV have been about finance, economics and how our relationship with money and wealth impacts sustainability. The latest is no exception, as Janaia Donaldson sits down with Vicki Robin—co-author of the finance/self help classic Your Money Or Your Life. The basic wisdom is simple, but extraordinarily important in our search for greener living—how many life hours is that HD TV, ice cream, foreign vacation or whatever else really costing us?Now I've never read the original Your Money or Your Life, but the premise, as far as I have understood it, has always appealed to me. The more we can move away from an abstract relationship with money and wealth, and more toward a genuine literacy regarding what things cost and what they are really worth, the better off we'll be. If we're spending X number of dollars on the latest gadgetry, or meals out, or cigarettes, we're much more likely to make a sensible, informed decision if we understand those dollars in terms of how many hours it took to earn them. Maybe the next step after learning to love your stuff is learning to really, truly love your money for what it is (not what you think it is).

Interestingly, for a book written just as the world entered the heady economic days of the nineties, Robin insists that it was primarily written for our modern times. "I've always been known as someone who taught about voluntary simplicity," she explains, "but we are entering an era of involuntary simplicity."

From constraints as an impetus for creativity, to the value of community and her experiments with a ten-mile food diet, Robin has a lot to share on all aspects of building a more abundant, resilient and sustainable world. It's good stuff, check it out.

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