Your Call to Action: Speak Out Against Drilling in ANWR

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As everyone probably knows by now, President Bush won a major coup for his energy policy on Wednesday, when his Budget Bill, and an amendment attached to that will open an areas of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling, passed. GOP leaders in the Senate succeeded in attaching that amendment to the 2006 budget resolution as a potential source of revenue. The move sidestepped a filibuster by Democrats which would have required 60 votes because the budget resolution required only a 51-vote majority. Though the margin was narrow (51-49), it was still a big loss for environmentalists.

Now, before you get out your minus-60-degree sleeping bag and stage a sit-in on the tundra... [...Keep reading to take action!!] realize that this doesn’t exactly mean drilling teams will be polishing and sharpening their bits next week. First of all, the budget still has to pass in the House of Representatives. Second, although the GOP has itself convinced that drilling up north could be a potential source of revenue and could decrease dependence on foreign oil, the exploration companies—for whom it really all comes down to the bottom line—may not be totally convinced. The fact is, the amount of "economically recoverable oil" available, is extremely difficult to estimate, and may not be financially worth the effort to recover. And at the end of the day, ANWR, according to drilling opponents, is likely to contain less than a year's worth of oil—and none of that would reach the U.S. market for at least 10 years. If that’s true, then in a lot ways—and for a lot of years—we’d still be dependent on foreign oil.

As TreeHuggers, we know you are people of conviction and action, and so here we urge you to write to your senator and representatives. If, like me, you’re Senators voted against the bill, go ahead and say thanks for the good work. But you don’t have to write only to your own Senators, you can write to all of ‘em and let ‘em know what you think. Not a U.S. citizen? Who cares. You’re a citizen of the world, and this a global situation. Please let them know what you think. Here’s how: Link to the League of Conservation Voters, which gives you direct access to send your message to a Senator or a member of the House.

Thanks for reading, and for responding. And thanks to Jay Miller, for always lighting a fire under our butt. Via ::Christian Science Monitor Image Via ::Lucia Lavilla Havelin [by MO]