Young People, Energy Independence is Your Problem, Not My Problem: T. Boone Pickens

There may be some abiguity about the future time of the wind power portion of the Pickens Plan—is Pickens selling turbines, delaying the project indefinitely, or will there only be a slight delay?—but there's no doubt about Pickens continuing his push for natural gas for transport.

In this clip from the Daily Show (apologies to people who can't view Hulu clips because of where they live...) Stewart picks Pickens' brain on whether we'll have the leadership to have an energy revolution, on Pickens' feelings about electric cars, and more insight into kicking the foreign oil habit. Check it out.

Note: It may seem like I'm picking on Pickens with the title of this post, but that's not the intent. He's essentially accurate: For people who are adults today and over perhaps the age of 45, the full impact of US energy independence falls on those of us who are younger. I may disagree with Pickens on some things, but not that.

via: Earth2Tech
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