Young Marketing Whiz Creates Lemonade for Chimp Aid


When you've got a great slogan and greater cause good things will happen At least that's the lesson 9 year-old Amanda Ketterer learned recently, inspired to whip up a batch of seven gallons of lemonade and spend the next six and a half hours working feverishly in the hot sun to sell it in support of chimpanzees.

It was certainly no small effort, and she was inspired by none other than Dr. Jane Goodall to step up to the plate and make a difference. In fact, she points out that Goodall " automatically became my hero," after learning about her in kindergarten. Now, three years later she came up with the terrific slogan "Lemonade for Chimp Aid" and set to work. As she says about the idea "It just popped right into my mind."
And she got some good old-fashioned marketing advice from her dad too Amanda had wanted to hold the lemonade sale in front of her house but he wasn't so sure she'd get a lot of customers there. He suggested holding her fundraiser at the local swim meet in town instead, and so they contacted the event organizers and got permission.

Then they put together their stand using old furniture and wood scraps to build it completely from reused materials, and even the "Lemonade" sign was second-hand! And to help draw attention to the cause she draped a cute stuffed animal from the top of the stand and made the sign that certainly caught my attention, "Lemonade for Chimp Aid."

All told she and her sister Laura, who lent a hand, raised $536 for the Jane Goodall Institute where no doubt the funds will be put to good use. And I bet they've learned a couple of other valuable life lessons in the process; creativity and personal drive make for a lot in this world. And yes, one passionate, caring person can make a difference.

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