WTH?? You'll never believe this octopus' camouflage

octopus screenshot image
Video screen capture YouTube

If you find yourself saying, "Whaaaaaaa? Seriously??" after watching this, you're not alone.

From Ocean Leadership: "The video (above) was captured by one of Gallo’s colleagues at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Roger Hanlon, and you really must see it to believe it. Hanlon has showed the video a few times and some Internet denizen took the pains to slow down and reverse the footage. What makes the camouflaging so remarkable is that the octopus matches not just the color and pattern of the algae on which it’s hiding but the texture, too. In fact, the octopus-camouflage system is fantastically complicated... There are two dozen ways that the octopus can change its appearance to match its environment."

WTH?? You'll never believe this octopus' camouflage
These masters of disguise never cease to amaze, especially in this video.

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