Yet Another Salmonella Scare: 1 Million Pounds of Pistachios Recalled

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Not again. How many months since the peanut butter salmonella catastrophe? Two months? Well, it's time to get on your guard again—"several types" of salmonella were discovered by Kraft Foods during routine inspection of pistachios bought from California company Setton Pistachio. The company decided to recall its entire 2008 crop—over one million pounds of pistachios.The FDA was alerted, and for obvious reasons, is recommending that no one eat pistachios until it's determined how far the contamination spread. So don't eat pistachios for the time being.

According to the NY Times, the recall is probably going to expand—so far only the nuts themselves have hauled back in, not all the processed foods like ice cream that are potentially affected. The Setton Pistachio plant where the contamination allegedly occurred is the second largest processor of pistachios in the nation.

The US News says that there are already several reported illnesses likely related to the contaminated nuts.

And how did the contamination occur? The same way so many do: good ol' fashioned human negligence. From the Times:

Kraft Foods said its inspectors visited the California plant where the pistachios were processed, and found that the plant was not keeping its roasted pistachios separate from the incoming flow of raw nuts. Like other nuts, raw pistachios can carry pathogens that are killed in the roasting process.

Nice. Just goes to show a little lethargy can go a long way. Steer clear of pistachios, everyone.

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