Yet Another Great Invention to Save the World- The Gum Pouch

-London's Oxford Street is peppered with over 300,000 pieces of chewing gum.
-It takes 17 weeks to remove chewing gum from Oxford Street, but only 10 days for the street to be covered in gum again.
-A piece of chewing gum costs about 3p, but costs 10p to remove from the street.
Not to mention, in many areas of the UK there is a 50 Pound fine for littering with chewing gum. The answer, of course, is not to educate people to dispose of gum properly (like under seats and tables where it is supposed to be) but to sell the Gum Pouch- "a pocketsize anti litter pouch for the convenient disposal of chewing gum while on the move. From only 78p, the Gum Pouch makes a low-cost, preventative solution for reducing gum litter and saving public money." ::Butts & Gum thanks tipster Bonnie!