Yes, Obama Is Still Coming to Copenhagen

The rumor has been making the rounds at Copenhagen today that Obama was going to cancel his trip to Copenhagen in the face of dismal progress on a climate deal. The COP15 website posted a note about it on Thursday morning. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton sparked more rumors with a cryptic statement to reporters: "The president is planning to come tomorrow, obviously we hope there will be something to come for." But Nancy Pelosi, who spoke to the President last night, told me we should be hearing a speech from Obama soon.

Will his appearance here end as dismally for him as the last time he showed up, to help Chicago win its Olympic bid back in October? Hot Air puts the political stakes in context. If Obama can get a commitment from China on transparency -- which will help secure the support of the US Congress and the American people -- and ratchet up the US's carbon cuts beyond it's still low pledge, he'll have at least give a climate agreement a running start to the next climate change Olympics, COP16 in Mexico City.