Yes Men, Saatchi S, and the Amazing Spark Plug Guy


A weekly wrap up of green and socially minded business news from the gang at

Hunter Lovins On Climate Change Action and Revamping the Economy - Hearing Hunter Lovins speak is always a treat and an inspiration. This week she brought her wisdom to Bard College's new Center for Environmental Policy. Specifically, she addresses making American industry sustainable and the US Chamber of Commerce.

US Chamber Will See Yes Men In Court - Speaking of the US Chamber, everyone's favorite pranksters have gotten themselves in a little hot water. Did they push it too far this time?

What Really Matters in Clean Technology, or "The Spark Plug Guy" - Enerpulse's new spark plug could improve fuel efficiency by 6% in cars. Does sound like much, but do the math across an entire country and you've got a smashing business idea that buys time for a deeper transformation of how we get around.

HOw Does SaatchiS Track PSP Engagement? - This one sounds like a mouthful, but Adam Werbach's Saatchi S has been helping big companies evolve for years now using a system called "Personal Sustainability Projects". Hokey? Check out the impact and decide for yourself.

How to Tweet Like Tim Ferriss - For some Friday Fun, check out Tim Ferris' tips on Twitter; lessons any aspiring entrpreneur ought to take to heart.