Yes Men Launch Survivaball Climate Suits


Photo via Yes Men @ SurvivaNet.

The Yes Men (Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno) have been dreaming up pranks to foible corporate types for many years - their latest was a completely fake climate warning edition of the New York Post. Now The Yes Men's best tricks are brought together in a hilarious documentary that debuted in New York this week and will go around the country this fall. In addition to the movie, the Yes Men are reviving one of their other hilarious fakes, the Halliburton >Survivaball.

"The Survivaball is designed to protect the corporate manager no matter what Mother Nature throws his or her way," said Fred Wolf, aka Nick Bonanno. "This technology is the only rational response to abrupt climate change."

Now SurvivaBall for your climate change needs, too

The Survivaball is an inflatable amoeba-looking pod suit six feet in diameter, supposedly "engineered" to be an enclosed protection from catastrophic climate change. By the end of the Yes Men's original demonstration in 2006, insurance representatives lined up to get business cards for the suit.

Since then, the Yes Men have decided to take the pod public, so to speak. They've given the SurvivaBall its own web site, and are encouraging people to join with them in an activist movement called Balls Across America. In typical Yes Men fashion, the precise goal of Balls is implicit rather than stated, but in interviews and this HuffPo column, the Yes Men are imploring people to get involved - not telling them what to do, but exhorting them to do something in regards to climate change.

In the New York Times review of the Yes Men documentary, the reviewer asks why they continue to dream up expensive pranks that don't seem to get companies to do the right thing. But culture-jamming is an art and while sometimes hard to justify, it is definitely a needed part of efforts to make change.

"Sweeping positive changes have only come to America when there's been a progressive President, pushed to do the right thing by large numbers of rowdy citizens" - Yes Men

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