Yale Launches On-line Environmental Magazine

yale launches environmental magazine online photo.jpg

Yale University has launched a a new online magazine devoted to covering the global environment. It's a new venture and the first issue has some heavy hitters holding forth on the big topics of the day, both national and international. Famous environmentalist Bill McKibben has written a very frightening article about the tipping point--and the need to move quickly to save the world. Another article by Frank Pearce discusses water shortages and the impact they are having on food shortages around the world. As he says "Climate change, overconsumption and the alarmingly inefficient use of this most basic raw material are all to blame. With two-thirds of the water abstracted from nature going to irrigate crops — a figure that rises above 90 percent in many arid countries — water shortages equal food shortages."

There is a fascinating piece on China's emerging green movement including an interview with Zhao Zhong, who is leading the fight to save the Yellow River, one of China's largest rivers. He reckons that there are about 3,000 grass roots environmental groups active in the country. Ma Jun is another leading environmentalist who founded a Beijing-based non-profit group. These are very brave and idealistic young men and women who have a huge battle in front of them. There is an article on what individual states such as California, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida are doing to tackle climate change, in the absence of presidential action and a piece on the oldest and largest fresh-water lake in the world: Lake Baikal in Siberia. Lots of food for thought; this is one to bookmark for future reference. :: Yale Environment 360