Wyoming - the New Carbon Sequestration Capital

Coal Power Plant Smokestacks Trees Smoke Photo

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Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal signed legislation last friday, reports the Casper Star-Tribune to make Wyoming a leader in carbon sequestration in the US, as well as help protect the coal industry, which Wyoming is a leading coal "producing" state. So if Wyoming has a huge coal industry, but they also have a huge carbon sequestration industry, thus offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions, does that now make Wyoming a green (or at least carbon neutral) state? The legislation allows owners of underground geologic structures ("pore space") to inject carbon dioxide in and get paid, as long as they have permission from at least 80% of the land owners. Two other bills signed at the same time make the carbon dioxide injector liable in most cases, and give mineral rights the ability to trump rights to store carbon dioxide.

Wyoming currently has roughly 510 billion tons of coal, and is the largest exporter of coal in the US. But don't worry, Wyoming doesn't have its sights completely set on continuing coal. Wyoming is also the home to several very large wind power projects that could produce enough to power the southwestern United States.: Casper Star-Tribune
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