Wyland Heads Cross Country, Says Kids Can Save Oceans


Well known for his building-sized whale murals around the globe, Wyland's Clean Water Challenge is hitting the road from now through October 31st as he's helping kids create mini-murals of their own in cities across the U.S. As part of the tour he'll be making stops at schools, zoos, and aquariums to show kids how they can help conserve water and protect the oceans through actions they take in their everyday lives.

He believes that art can change the way people, and especially kids, view the ocean. As he points out, "Art can play a role in the 21st century for conservation of clean water and healthy oceans There are things we can do everyday to protect water and conserve it."

The campaign is part of his effort to educate people about the oceans through his foundation, and this year's tour brings a mobile learning truck with it where everyone can learn about water quality while kids get to lend a hand making a Wyland alongside the artistic genius himself.

And having been at it for over 20 years creating murals across the globe, it's not too surprising that he'll reach his goal of 100 of them total 2in the summer of 2008 in Beijing, China. That's where Wyland, along with student artists, will paint a mural that will span nearly 3 miles.

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via:: CNN

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