Wretched Excess Dept: Lance Armstrong meets Celine Dion By The Pool

lance armstrong house austin photo

There is no question that athletes have to keep hydrated and go through a lot of water. But Lance Armstrong breaks all the records again with his little pile in Austin, where he used 330,000 gallons of water for his acre of gardens and swimming pool, at a time when Texas is going through a dry spell. "We are definitely short on rain," Lisa Rhodes, a spokeswoman for the water authority, said with a sigh to the New York Times.

The charmingly named Daryl Slusher, assistant director of the City Water Authority, has ruled out a leak, and notes that Armstrong is contrite about it. Armstrong told the Austin American Statesman that he didn't know; "I'm a little shocked," he told The Statesman. "There's no justification for that much water." He added, "I need to fix this." ::New York Times
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