Would You Purchase a "Made in China" Electric Vehicle on Blue Light Special?

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We visit discount stores like Wal-mart, Costco, and Sam's Club to pick-up a lot of different things, such as hair gel, cell phones, fish food, Tickle-me Elmo, or even a cheap pair of beach sandals (okay, maybe you better forget about the sandals). The point is, these discount stores sell a little bit of everything, but the idea of full-size electric vehicles becoming a part of the Blue Light Special had not even been a consideration... up until now!The Question of Economy vs. Environment
Treehugger works hard at spreading the word about alternative forms of transportation, which includes the sale and use of electric vehicles. But sometimes an honorable idea gets lost within the complex political environment of economics. The Mexico based manufacturer, GC Motors, is seriously considering the possibility of selling inexpensive Chinese electric vehicles to Americans within the next five years or so.

Kathleen Ligocki, CEO of GS Motors, has sold over 4,000 electric cars in Mexico and sees the potential of selling many more in Canada, Latin America, and the US. They will be sold through the various discount chains, such as Wal-Mart, Costco, and Sam's Club. The cost for a base model will be a very reasonable $5,500. Now as you can imagine, the quality of these vehicles will not quite be up to the par of Honda and Toyota, but their price point will practically be unbeatable.

Some analysts don't see much potential for these Chinese electric vehicles, while others are betting they will not only make it to the market, but will make a serious killing in this economy. Warren Buffet's endorsement for these vehicles may have very well already determined their success to some degree. What's so bad about a successful run of these electric discount vehicles? Well, for one it could help put the final nails into the coffin of domestic American car sales.

With the state of the economy in mind, how many of you would consider purchasing of one of these Chinese electric vehicles? Would the state of the economy (and the troubled domestic market) add any weight to your decision, or would you primarily be the most concerned about cost, reliability, and your own carbon footprint?

Source: CleanTech
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