World's Scientists to Carry Out Independent Review of IPCC


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Ban Ki-moon has announced that a comprehensive, independent review of the IPCC is to be carried out, after calls from world governments were made to do so. The Secretary General for the UN said that scientists from academies around the world will take part in the review, which will be headed by the Inter-Academy Council--and it will be conducted completely independently of the United Nations. The BBC reports:

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked the world's science academies to review work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Work will be co-ordinated by the Inter-Academy Council, which brings together bodies such as the UK's Royal Society.
In making the announcement, Ban Ki-moon stressed that despite the errors in the last assessment (2007's 4th Assessment), nothing has arisen that damages the robust body of climate science that indicates man-caused climate change is occurring.

"Let me be clear - the threat posed by climate change is real," he said. "I have seen no credible evidence that challenges the main conclusions of [the IPCC's 2007] report." But he noted that the few errors made in the 3,000 report had made it necessary to conduct an independent review of that report, and to improve transparency in the future. Those errors included an inaccurate projection for when Himalaya glaciers would melt.

Details are still emerging on how the review will proceed. It is known that it will include both members familiar and outside of the IPCC process. And the BBC reports that the following tenets will be the subject of scrutiny in the review:

  • Analyse the IPCC process, including links with other UN agencies

  • Review the use of non-peer reviewed sources, and quality control on data

  • Assess how procedures handle "the full range of scientific views"

  • Review how the IPCC communicates with the public and the media

I for one hope this review is robust, thorough, and made well-public. The more careful the data is combed through, the better--the science speaks for itself, after all.

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