World's Poor Nations Plan On Combatting Climate Change, While Congress Denies It's Happening

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As Congress votes to deny the existence of climate change is happening and Europe refuses to increase its emission reduction commitment, the United Nations has released a summary of what the poorer countries and emerging economies of the world plan on doing to ease the coming blow from climate change. The gist is they are taking it all much more seriously and are doing much more than those nations who have historically caused the problem.

Some of the plans Economic Times is highlighting: Costa Rica and the Maldives plans for becoming carbon neutral in terms of energy production, the Central African Republic planning to plant trees so that one quarter of its land is forested, Mongolia planning solar power plants in the Gobi desert and giving nomadic herders portable wind turbines, Ethiopia's detailed plans to convert rail lines to renewable energy, Bhutan's pledge to never emit more greenhouse gases than can be absorbed by its forests. That's on top of the emission reduction commitments from China, India and Mexico.Much of this is dependent on international funding, and certainly the devil's in the details here when it comes to implementation. But the way I see it is that this is just a further example of how with climate change, like on so many issues, the United States continues to debate and debate and debate whether anything need be done at all, beholding to industrial and corporate interests, while for the most part the rest of the world has decided to act.

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