World's Longest Billboard Will Be 'Biodegradable' PVC

Dubai Billboard photo

Nope, this isn't it - it's a 400-meter-long Dubai advertisement for a real estate development called the Lagoons - not even a third the length of Adrac's billboard.

Vinyl is final, or at least we always used to think so. But advertising and marketing company Adrac, which is trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for placing the world's longest billboard in the city of Dubai next spring, promises that its 1.5 kilometer long billboard will be environmentally friendly and made from biodegradable PVC plastic.

World's longest billboard will advertise...real estate
Dubai is already a fast-growing city of extremes and excess - an indoor ski resort, a tower with 58 pools - so perhaps it's no surprise that Adrac wants to gain reknown for creating the world's longest billboard. The ad itself will recreate Dubai's skyline. Biodegradable PVC does exist, Biotech Products has engineered a limestone mixed with vegetable plasticizer and about 20 percent petroleum to make banner and billboard material that can stand up to weather but when subjected to heat and dark starts to disintegrate in 3-5 years to non-toxic materials. But Adrac's billboard (apart from the visual pollution) is also going to be a traveling show. Read on.The billboard will break down into 450 separate panels of 2 by 10 meters each, in order to be able to fit into two 40 meter containers. That makes the whole 1.5-kilometer long advertisement able to be disasembled by a four-man team in about seven hours, according to AME Middle East financial news service.

Adrac has big plans for the billboards however, and plans to take them on a year-long tour of 40-different countries in order to advertise the city of Dubai. While the company insisted that it has done its best to minimize any impacts of the sign as it travels to places like along the River Thames in England or the Rhine in Germany, the concept smacks a bit of wretched excess. In Dubai, the ad will be run along a major thoroughfare. When the tour is completed Adrac plans to auction off the behemoth and donate the money to charity.

Longest billboard previously from Virgin Express
Adrac had to beat out former unofficial longest billboard record holders including Virgin Express' 1.1 kilometer long billboard in Berlin in 2005 and a half-a block ad in New York for Godzilla in 1998. Via: AME
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World's Longest Billboard Will Be 'Biodegradable' PVC
Vinyl is final, or at least we always used to think so. But advertising and marketing

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