World's largest, most energy efficient container ship launched

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Promo image Hyundai Heavy Industries

Wowza, that's a big boat. the world's largest container ship, capable of carrying 19,100 TEU (twenty foot equivalent) containers. It's no Hyundai Pony; they have built a boat that blows all the categories of Panamax and Ultramax out of the water at 1312 feet long ( exactly four Canadian football fields long) 192 feet wide. It is a hundred feet high from keel to deck (which is very different from draft, Gizmag).

But it also is a lot more energy efficient, according to The Maritime Executive:

The CSCL Globe features a 77,200 bhp electronically controlled main engine that enhances fuel efficiency by automatically controlling fuel consumption to reflect the vessel’s current speed and the sea conditions. As a result, the containership will burn 20 per cent less fuel per TEU in comparison to a reference 10,000 TEU containership.

It is greener in other ways, meeting "upcoming requirements, such as ballast water management, ship recycling, bilge water separation and recovery of refrigerants," although no word about whether it is still going to be burning the dirty bunker fuel that causes so much pollution.

I have been trying to wrap my head around the concept of 19,100 containers and what they might be full of. That's 24,448,000 cubic feet of stuff. Now it comes out of China even faster, even cheaper. I suppose this is all a good thing.

World's largest, most energy efficient container ship launched
Gonna need a bigger boat. Not.

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