World's Largest Meat Exporter Says No More Amazon Deforestation Beef

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photo: David Morimoto via flickr.

A little bit late to the game, but glad they've arrived... The world's largest exporter of meat products, Brazil's JBS-Frisboi has pledged to no longer buy cattle raised from areas of the deforested Amazon which were cleared after September 23rd of this year, Greenpeace reports. Additionally, they will not work with any farms found to be using slave labor (what year is it again?!?) or raising cattle in designated protected areas or on indigenous lands:To ensure a modicum of transparency, JBS-Frisboi says it will implement a tracking system within six months -- the exact nature of which (ear tags, something else?) was not mentioned, other than that it will be based on maps from its cattle suppliers. Within two years, this system will extend farther down the distribution chain to include farms that raise young cattle and ranchers that directly supply its meat processing plants.

With its recent acquisition of meatpacker Bertin, JBS-Frisboi is now has the capacity to process 40,000 cattle per day in Brazil. Prior to the acquisition, JBS-Friboi's products were consumed in more than 70 countries.

Deforestation Bigger Greenhouse Gas Problem Than Transportation
For perspective: Remember that cattle ranches are now a leading cause of Amazon deforestation -- with pastures now occupying former forest the size of Iceland. Also, deforestation is a great source of greenhouse gas emissions than the entire global transportation sector.

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